Advisory Board

Educational Advisory Board

Educational Advisory Boards are generally found in higher-level education institutions. Stepping Stone School distinguishes itself from other early care and education providers with our commitment to upholding the best education standards.

Our board members are national experts who counsel and offer research-based recommendations on educator development programs, curriculum enhancements and other state-of-the-art improvements designed to maximize the quality of a Stepping Stone School education.

Rhonda Paver, M.A., Child Development

Founder, Owner & Executive Director

William Paver, Ph.D, Education


Christopher Lemons, Ph.D.

Sandra Briley, Ph.D.

Joyce Juntune, Ph.D.

Dennis Romig, Ph.D.

Shannon Moody

Dan Terwelp, M.D.

Rebecca Giles, Ph.D.

Board Member TITLE