Kindergarten Readiness Academy

3 – 4 years

Pre-kindergarten children are engaged in pre-reading cognition and social and emotional development. Children are rapidly advancing in skills necessary for Kindergarten readiness.

At Stepping Stone School, our highly trained teachers prepare and integrate weekly theme-based learning plans that respond to the stages and interests of each individual child and follow our Platinum Learning for Life™ curriculum. State-of-the-art learning centers serve as hubs for pre-literacy, math, science, technology, dramatic and sensory play, art and music mastery.

Curriculum Components

Language Development

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  • Expanding phonetic awareness through the daily use of books, songs and technology.
  • Enhancing literacy through environmental print, pre-reading activities and conversations.
  • Strengthening print concepts, letter and word recognition and comprehension skills.
  • Building vocabulary in both quality and quantity.
  • Mastering the naming of letters, shapes and sounds.
  • Participating in daily dual-language activities which expand and encourage the use of American Sign Language [ASL] and Spanish vocabulary.

Physical Development

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  • Participating in Fit for Life™ which provides exercise activities, and educates them about healthy habits and routines.
  • Developing gross motor skills while participating in movement activities in a closely monitored and secure indoor and outdoor natural environment.
  • Building fine muscle and motor skills through coloring, cutting, working puzzles, gluing, and building with blocks.

Social & Emotional Development

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  • Exploring and discovering within a secure and supportive environment.
  • Expanding emotional maturity by learning how to recognize feelings.
  • Nurturing compassion and empathy for oneself and others.
  • Establishing life-long friendships.
  • Refining social problem-solving skills.

Cognitive Development

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  • Participating in age-appropriate activities and experiments via our S.T.E.A.M. curriculum.
  • Developing complex problem-solving skills through the use of intricate puzzles, logical reasoning and spatial reasoning activities.
  • Recognizing cause and effect relationships.
  • Advancing creativity and imagination through dramatic play and narration.
  • Developing critical thinking skills through math and literacy activities.

Platinum Learning For Life